• The Science section requires 40 questions to be answered in 35 minutes, which is less than 1 minute per question. Students typically read 6 passages and answer 6 or 7 questions per passage. Students who excel at ACT Science demonstrate sound analytical ability, efficient intake and interpretation of textual and visual information, quick evidence-based decision-making, and systematic pattern recognition.

  • ACT Science is predominantly fast-paced data analysis and tests scientific knowledge only to a minimal degree. This module will train your student to extract the pertinent information, ignore the irrelevant information, and streamline the decision-making process for each question.

  • This module replicates the ACT Science segment of PrepAccelerator's popular live online ACT Boot Camp that has helped thousands of students achieve their target score. For live boot camp details, visit PrepAccelerator.com/ACTEvents.

  • This module includes 3 hours of detailed, self-contained video lessons, solutions, and explanations. The module also includes best practices on how to get the maximum value, resources to improve the section score, and detailed next steps for effective practice after the completion of this module.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to view the Introduction and Next Steps chapters of this module with their student. This will help parents understand how they can help their student plan the study timetable and achieve mastery of the material.

  • Creating a free account lets you preview a lesson in Chapter 2 before subscribing.

  • Our in-depth explanations strengthen the student's overall analytical ability and logical reasoning.

  • This module includes test-taking tips and discusses common student pitfalls.

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Co-Founder of PrepAccelerator Dr. Sampath

Dr. Sampath has a PhD in Statistics from The Ohio State University, where he won both teaching and research awards for his work. He has an extensive background in quantitative finance, computer science, and data science, and has won national and international awards for his statistical research. Dr. Sampath spent close to 20 years as an investment portfolio manager with a focus on both fixed income and equities before moving to education full-time. Dr. Sampath is passionate about improving the quality of, and access to, tutoring for standardized tests. His continuing goal is to provide instruction and materials of the highest quality to every student and customized to his or her specific learning style.

Course curriculum

    1. 0.1 This Program

    2. 0.2 Agenda

    3. 0.3 The ACT Science Section

    4. 0.4 How to Study Part 1

    5. 0.5 How to Study Part 2

    6. 0.6 Timetable

    7. 0.7 Download This Handout

    1. 1.1 Setup

    2. 1.2 Tips

    3. 1.3 Exhibits

    1. 2.0 Introduction

    2. 2.1 Question 14

    3. 2.2 Question 15

    4. 2.3 Question 16

    5. 2.4 Question 17

    6. 2.5 Question 18

    1. 3.0 Instructions for Timed Practice

    2. 3.1 Question 8

    3. 3.2 Question 9

    4. 3.3 Question 10

    5. 3.4 Question 11

    6. 3.5 Question 12

    7. 3.6 Question 13

    1. 4.0 Instructions for Timed Practice

    2. 4.1 Question 19

    3. 4.2 Question 20

    4. 4.3 Question 21

    5. 4.4 Question 22

    6. 4.5 Question 23

    7. 4.6 Question 24

    1. 5.0 The Hack

About this course

  • 53 lessons
  • 3 hours of video lessons


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